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01 Oct

We just had a wonderful church service here. It’s been such a blessing having a Korean woman in the church who is willing to translate all of the services for us. We have radio transmitters and we are all able to use our ear buds to listen to the translation. After the service tonight there was a group photo of many people in the church and our group.


A few days ago we were able to be outside of the Stadium where is the South Korean and North Korean women’s football (soccer) teams were playing. We had a good opportunity to pass out many tracts there.


Earlier in the week I was able to pass out tracts outside of the venue where they have the beach volleyball. One note on that is that the teams are much more modestly dressed from the South Asian countries than they are in America. After the event there was a lot of security around-several busses full of policemen. I offered a tract to the policeman in the front who looked like he was a leader or captain of some sort, but he refused it. Just a minute later he came back with his entire bus of policemen, handed me his cellphone and asked me to take a picture of their whole group. I did so, and also took a picture of them on my phone, and then was able to offer them all tracts. He was the first man to take one and all of them gladly accepted them.


In this group, as well as in many others, it’s been such a blessing to see that one some people see that others are getting a tract and they are moving too fast for all to get them that some will stand back and wait or even reach out their hand to try to get one from you instead of you having to offer one to each one of them. We have also been blessed to see that even when we sometimes have to take a little bit of time and dig through our bags to get out a tract in the language of the person, they will still stand there and wait patiently.

We also had opportunities only went to hand out tracks at the road cycling event. It was raining, so I brought my umbrella. Not everyone had one, including some of the officials. Here is a photo of Andrew from our group being able to use the umbrella and share it with a trainer in road cycling from Syria. We were able to give him a tract.


We’ve also had some fun times when we’ve been able to be nearby a shopping center. We went to a mall and did some shopping here, and afterwards we were in a group together with some of the other Korean brothers and sisters from the church.




God has really blessed, as much as I might want to say that it’s been tough or that we have been roughing it here in Korea, the church has really been a blessing in how much they have provided for us. We have a full breakfast prepared every morning and full dinner every evening, which is more than I can say that I get when I prepare things for myself at college. And then of course we go out to eat for lunch when we are in the middle of tract distribution.  It’s all been such a enjoyable time, and all of the church members are very nice.

Keep praying as we have one more day of outreach and then we are also hoping for a safe trip back.


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3 responses to “More thoughts…

  1. Heidi

    October 1, 2014 at 7:32 am

    This is so exciting – the Lord has really given you some wonderful opportunities on this trip to share the gospel with people you would have never met otherwise!
    You may be surprised in Heaven to find out how many souls were saved, because of your willingness to allow the Lord to use you…that’s what life’s all about!

  2. Amber

    October 1, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    Amen- God really HAS blessed! That’s true, Heidi, that IS what life’s about- teaching others about Christ!

  3. Mr & Mrs Smith

    October 1, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Joshua, your gratitude in all that the Lord has allowed is such an encouragement. Your observation of modesty a rebuke to our American culture. Your joy in seeing the Gospel placed in so many hands. Your willingness to serve. It all has been a great blessing and God has truly been glorified. Praying for safe travels back. The Smith’s


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