A third party voter’s perspective on the election results

09 Nov

The state of our Federal Government

Donald J Trump is now the President Elect of the United States. The presidential election, as usual, has been the major focus of the nation, but there are several other things at play. Many good people were elected to the house of Representatives and to the Senate.

One of the big reasons people voted for Trump was because of the Supreme Court. But the President doesn’t get to pick the Supreme Court Nominees alone. They must be confirmed by the House and Senate. As a result of this election, when the new congress is seated, there will be a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate.

What does all this mean? It means that very likely, in 2017, we’ll have a Republican house, a Republican Senate, a Republican President, and he’ll appoint a Republican to the Supreme Court (Realize that the Supreme Court is not a ‘partisan’ court in name, but in reality it is.) If there ever was a chance to see if the faith of many in the Republican Party is justified, now is that time. There will be at least two years of Republican control on the Federal level.

If you read my previous article, you will know that I called Trump the “Lesser of two evils.” And so you will know that I am personally happier to see Trump as President than Hillary. I stated in my other article why, even though I preferred him to Hillary, I would not personally cast a ballot for him. I know that the Lord sees what we endorse, and it’s recorded in heaven.

That being said, the election is over, the messages third-party voters wanted to send have been sent. What do I want to see in the future? My hopes for Trump are the same hopes for any person in power in our nation.

I hope Trump is the best president our nation has ever had.

I do not say he will be, but my desire, as a Christian, is to see right advanced and evil punished. I hope Trump will secure the borders. I hope he will put an end to legal abortion. I hope that we’ll see social programs that erode the character of our nation put to an end. I hope that good men will be in his cabinet and advisory committees. I hope that he will not disrupt religious freedom. I hope that he will enforce the good laws we have. I hope that he will use proper constitutional methods to enact his goals, and not executive orders.

Some of these things he has said he will do, and others he has expressed positions opposite to what I would like to see. But remember that God can change anyone’s heart. It is a true test of one’s character to see what one wishes for another person with whom they disagree. In your life, there may be people you disagree with, people you are at odds with, some who have wronged you. Do you desire the best for them? Do you desire to see them get better? Or do you want to see them fall? I don’t want to see Trump fall. I want him to change for the better, to find personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to find true humility.

What should we look for?

Let’s look these next two years, four years, eight years, etc. Let’s see how long the Republicans have power. I’ll come back to this post in the future and repeat this list, and we’ll see if the following things have been accomplished.

  • Have the republicans repealed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?
  • Have the republicans restricted or outlawed any abortions on the federal level (Executive or Judiciary)
  • Have the Republicans restored Marriage as being between one man and one Woman?
  • Have the Republicans removed character-eroding Social Programs?
  • Have the Republicans enforced immigration laws better than the Democrats had?
  • Have the Republicans passed laws protecting religious liberty?
  • Have personal rights been upheld?

Now is the chance for the Republican Party to stand up for Christian and Constitutional values. If they do, actions speak louder than words. They will gain back third-party voters.

In the same way that the Green Party’s existence and voters have swayed the Democrats to the Left, I have no doubt that faithful Christians voting “third-party” will influence the Republicans to cater to our wishes as well. (Did you ever wonder why the politicians cater to the desires of the swing states? Things like corn subsidies in Iowa, or coal in West Virginia? It’s the same reason, they want to get the votes of those people.) In that way, my third-party vote may make a bigger difference for conservative christian values than most people realize.


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3 responses to “A third party voter’s perspective on the election results

  1. Heidi

    November 9, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    I am praying that Mr and Mrs Trump will surround themselves with good (godly) people. God is not limited!

  2. Heidi

    November 10, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    This is the BEST time to be alive!

    Last night, I heard an EXCELLENT message on how a Christian’s outlook on the election/America needs to be. We are living in exciting times! God is working in people’s lives here, and all over the world people are being saved more than ever! Doors are open for the advance of the gospel, and we need to walk through them and not be discouraged! Our God is so gracious and full of mercy!!


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