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Golfing at the Sports Bubble

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Master’s Baptist College Barn Activity – August 30, 2014

Classes have not yet begun but the fun has! Here are photos from this evening. Videos to come.



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Summer Fun: Master’s Baptist College outing to the Red River Valley Fair


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Photos from Snowmobiling Activity on Saturday, March 8th 2013

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Photos from kickball on February 15, 2013

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Photos from 8/16/2013-8/22/2016


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The last couple of weeks: Summer 2013 Ulpan Update #9

Summer2013-09005So it’s been a few days since I’ve made a post. In that time, one Ulpan has ended and another has begun. I’ve learned more words and now I’m beginning to touch the past tense as well. I’ve sat for many long ours in the Library, studying flashcards and memorizing new words.

Today was the midterm for the second Ulpan, and I think I did pretty good. Of course, that is because I haven’t seen the results yet. But there was nothing that left me entirely stumped.

Since the last post I’ve been able to finally step foot into the Mediterranean, and it was a very exciting experience to jump over the incoming waves while barefoot on the sand. Although I must say, getting a mouthful of salt water is much more unpleasant than pool water in general. I’m sure in the couple hours I was there I got more than my daily intake of sodium.

On my 21st Birthday a week ago, I decided to take a little time of to relax and fold some Origami. To the left you will see a five intersecting Tetrahedra model folded without the use of adhesives from 30 separate twenty shekel notes (They are worth about $5.60 each, making this model worth about $170 USD)

I’ve also recently had the experience of a traditional Shabbat dinner provided by the university, both in content of food and in traditional Jewish custom. There were some Hebrew songs and candles were lit to bring in Shabbat. No cheeseburgers were served.

I’ve eaten many pitas of falafel as well, and I am quite sure my taste for it will not leave when I leave the country.

Last Tuesday was the university trip to Caesarea, and we stayed focused on exclusively the ancient city, with Herod’s palace, the artificial port, and the locations of city walls, the Roman bathouse, and also the location of first a Roman Temple, which was tore down for a church, which in turn was tore down for a mosque, before the whole city was destroyed in battle. The pictures are below.


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