Some Rather Creative Sentences

My sister Amber and I had some fun while visiting our Grandma Thelma in the nursing home. We took the tiles form a game called Bananagrams and started making sentences form scratch. We shared the tiles, so stuff got kind of creative!

photos-2015-0125 photos-2015-0126 photos-2015-0127 photos-2015-0128 photos-2015-0129 photos-2015-0130


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Heaven 88.7 Radio and Me

In May of this year, I became the Operations Manager at Heaven 88.7 Radio. I have since been spending a lot of time on the job doing radio programming, but also I have ended up going out to the physical site location of our tower where the 100,000 watt signal is broadcast. The first time I went with the Station Manager, Tim Schaefer, and since I have been back a couple times alone.

Anyway, below are some pictures from the experiences!

photos-2015-0094 photos-2015-0097 photos-2015-0101 photos-2015-0175


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Fargo Baptist Church Meets in the West Wing

In May of this year, the Sanctuary where the Fargo Baptist Church meets was undergoing some work, as seen below.


As a result, we met in the West wing. It was definitely very full! Here’s a picture:


Praise the Lord we did get back in the sanctuary in time for the Master’s Baptist College Commencement Exercises.

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The Confusion Surrounding Easy Believism and Lordship Salvation Explained and the Biblical Position Outlined

Note: This post is a cross-post from the new Ready to Harvest blog. The original post is here

By Joshua Lindsey, July 2015


One of the great controversies in Fundamentalism of the 21st century is the issue of “Easy Believism” vs “Lordship Salvation.” Certainly there is an importance here, as it deals with the most important issue of all – that of salvation. What I have found to be the problem in dealing with this issue is that it is like the issue of Calvinism and Arminianism. If you claim to not hold to either position, then you will doubtless find yourself disowned by both camps, and even by people who put themselves in one camp or the other even when they are not really.

To explain this, I think that there are many people who take the “Balanced position” on this issue, and do not subscribe to Lordship Salvation or Easy Believism, but they have an incorrect understanding of what these terms mean. As a result, many men of God will say they are “Lordship Salvation” or that they are “Easy Believism” when they do not actually fall into that category.

Perhaps this is brought about by the fact that both have admirable names. For example, the name “Easy Believism.” I do think that Salvation is easy, and you do receive it by believing. So it is a good name. However, that does not make me have to hold the teachings of what is peddled under the name “Easy Believism”. I also believe that if someone is truly saved, they will believe that sin is sin, that it is an affront to a holy God. Thus, whether they realize it or not, since they are saying that God makes the rules on what is sin, they are saying He is Lord. (This doesn’t mean they will obey the Lord, or stop sinning necessarily though.) So Lordship salvation is also a good term. However, I am not a believer in Lordship Salvation either.

Now if you claim either of these terms as terms that represent yourself, don’t turn me off yet! We may actually agree, but use different terminology. These factors I mentioned have led to strange results. There are actually some who claim to be “Lordship Salvation”, others who claim to be “Easy Believism” and some who claim neither, who in effect believe the exact same thing! They also go around decrying each other and not realizing they are preaching the same gospel. What I hope to do is clarify the boundaries of what actual Lordship Salvation is, what actual easy believism is, and what the balanced position is.

As part of this I am going to also point out some false definitions of terms.  “Willingness”, “Desire”, “Lordship”, all of these need to be clarified to avoid misunderstanding. I also need to clarify what “belief” and “repentance” actually are, and whether they are necessary for salvation.

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Funny Video for your enjoyment


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Two new websites

It was about time for me to update my web presence, so here we are!

My home page had been at for more than five years now, and it needed an update. I have owned for quite a while, and I have made the switch. My new homepage is, but will still take you there.

I also have launched my own ministry website at The potential is wonderful!

Both websites need more information added to them, but I wanted to let everyone know that they are out there.

Please check out both new pages!

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Full Video: Master’s Baptist College Graduation Ceremony 2015

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