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Master’s Baptist College Hayride Video

ll 30 Minutes are interesting, but here are the best parts:

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Just more painting stuff…

A video and some pictures from painting the barn!
It has just been Jake and I the last few days. Today we also painted another small building on the property, and finished painting Pastor Scheving’s garage.

The video here is at 4000% speed- I think the clouds look very neat in it!


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It was cold…

Jake the painter

I was glad that I went to Saver’s and got a long sleeve shirt after today. Painting was cold! There was a good breeze today and the temperature was in the 50’s. The nice thing about a long sleeve shirt is you don’t end up being so covered in paint when you’re done. Just Jake and I went painting today, the others had some laundry to do. Jake and I moved the scaffolding and the hay wagon all by ourselves and maneuvered it into another place at the barn. The sunshine came off and on, so we did have relief.

Over all it was another fun day, and we got a lot of painting done!

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Painting a barn

Today Jake, Myself, Sam, and Dustin worked painting Pastor Scheving’s barn. These are my cell phone pictures, so not high quality, but pictures nonetheless!

We will be painting the next several days



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