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Heaven 88.7 Radio and Me

In May of this year, I became the Operations Manager at Heaven 88.7 Radio. I have since been spending a lot of time on the job doing radio programming, but also I have ended up going out to the physical site location of our tower where the 100,000 watt signal is broadcast. The first time I went with the Station Manager, Tim Schaefer, and since I have been back a couple times alone.

Anyway, below are some pictures from the experiences!

photos-2015-0094 photos-2015-0097 photos-2015-0101 photos-2015-0175


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Trip to Nazareth: Summer 2013 Ulpan Update #7

I’m not sure if this post was never posted or if i got removed, but here it is, out of order. This was my trip to Nazareth.

We visited some Cathedrals in Nazareth and then also had time for some delicious falafel. Yum. This trip was on Tuesday the 23rd of July


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