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Culvers again…

So apparently internet won’t be up until Tuesday, but things have been going good. Signed up for classes and registered today, and classes begin on Friday. Still looking for a job.

Been having a great time with Sam and Jake, two other guys in the dorm room, and seen Dustin around- he should be setting up in the dorm before Friday.

Been driving the other kids around since for now I am the only one in my room with a vehicle.

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First post from Fargo, ND

Here I am in beautiful Fargo, ND.

Any guess where I am? Well, right now I am at Culver’s. The internet in the dorm won’t be set up until Monday, so I cam here with my dorm-mate Sam to use our laptops. So far I have go a job application in, as well as checked up on the news.

I also went this morning to the grocery store for some milk, orange juice and cereal. ended up getting 5 boxes of cereal for only 7 dollars. Good so far on finances!


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