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So Dustin had to have crutches for a week, and will be heading back to Maine at the end of the month for surgery. Didn’t want to leave you all hanging on my last post. Oops, I guess I did.

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I Hope he’s OK

Right now I am siting in a clinic waiting room, while dorm-mate Dustin is getting his knee checked on. Apparently he was jogging and it went out of joint. Playing risk on my phone while I wait.


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Photos from class

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Got a haircut!

Thank you mom for the 19 years of free haircuts! I just paid $13 for one today. It was getting time, I even had some paint in my hair…

I have been studying pretty hard after the first Bible Survey class on Saturday. There will be a quiz on Monday, and a quiz on Monday’s work Tuesday, and Tuesday’s Wednesday, and so on. I printed up some flashcards to help make things a little easier to memorize.

I have some more painting pictures from Friday, we had fun working on the Barn and some on the garage as well.


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An inside look at a fireworks warehouse

Unloading the semi

Myself, Jake, and Dustin worked 8 1/2 hours at a fireworks warehouse yesterday. Bro. Dean Shearer from Fargo Baptist invited us to come and work unloading and transporting boxes of fireworks. Memory Fireworks is a large multi-store company in North Dakota and Minnesota. This warehouse services nine other stores. First off, we had to rearrange boxes of fireworks in the warehouse. There were several pallets of firework boxes that needed to be combined on pallets in the other side of the warehouse. We worked alongside of Jesse and Jordan Shearer, who told us the way that things should be organized. Jordan also used the pallet loader to move loaded pallets around. Another worker named Norm soon arrived to help as well.

Jesse next to some boxes we unloaded

As soon as that job was finished, we waited for the Semi to arrive. Soon it came, loaded to the brim with boxes of fireworks. First the bolts had to be cut with a bolt cutter, then the doors opened. When the door was opened, there was a large wooden contraption that had to be sawed away to get at the contents. Then was the real work. At first just I was in the truck, handing down boxes. Then there was room for Jesse, then Dustin, and soon Jake too. Norm and Jordan helped by putting certain fireworks boxes on pallets, and Jordan also used the pallet loader to lift pallets up so we could fill them, and then move them away.

We stopped to break at lunch time, delicious pizza, and water never tasted so good either. I also grabbed some green tea with citrus from my car that we had bought for our barn painting job. Soon we were back inside, moving boxes from the semi to the area around us.

This post isn’t over!- click the link below for more pictures, videos, and information!

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More barn painting photos

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Painting a barn

Today Jake, Myself, Sam, and Dustin worked painting Pastor Scheving’s barn. These are my cell phone pictures, so not high quality, but pictures nonetheless!

We will be painting the next several days



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Another update

I have been assigned to the printing ministry here at Fargo Baptist Church. This means I will be helping with the tracts that are printed. Jake and Sam were assigned to the Bus Ministry, and Dustin to the radio ministry.

Tomorrow us four will be going over to the Scheving’s to paint their barn. I bought some used clothes at Saver’s so I could not worry about getting mine messy. I filled up my printer’s continuous ink supply system yesterday so that I could continue to print stuff dirt cheap. I have been printing off stuff for class and it works out very nice. I also went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought a folding chair and table, and set them up in the dorm. It looks very nice, and things seem quite organized now. We are finally getting completely settled in.

This morning, since Jake and Sam are in the bus ministry, they had to be out he door at 8, so Dustin and I cleaned up the dorm, since Bro Schatz said inspections will be on Sunday afternoons. So right now there are clean floors, no dirty dishes, and it all looks nice and clean.

Since the wireless internet still is spotty, Brother Venem gave us all ethernet cables and switches, so I duct-taped one from the port in the kitchen along the floor into the dorm room. It works quite nice, and I don’t have to worry about working 30 minutes to get the wireless working in the morning. It should be working completely in two weeks or so.

I printed off some coupons for our meal and the four of us also went out to Long John Silver’s today. It was a first for two of them. Dustin got a job as a morning stocker at Toy’s R Us, he will be starting Thursday. When I told him about applying at Menards, I was surprised to hear he didn’t know what Menards was. Of course, there are no Menards stores in Maine.


Yes, this post is not very flowing, and a lot of random info, but I hope it keeps you updated.

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What I have been doing and more…

Every Thursday evening here at MBC we have ministry night, in which we do our assigned ministry. They allowed us to choose the three ministries we wanted to do the most, (out of radio, printing, bus, Sunday School, home Bible Study, IT, and more. Then we will be assigned our ministries based on where we are needed, but hopefully also where we want to be. Until they assign us the ministry, the last two Thursdays everyone has been doing bus visitation.

Also, today I dressed up real nice and dropped of three applications at workplaces where you cannot submit one online. My roommate Dustin had a job interview today and got a job stocking at Toys R Us. His job is from 5-11 in the mornings.

I bought an ottoman that opens up to put stuff inside, and that has made the room seem a little bit bigger. My roommate Jake dropped the iron and broke it, but I used a lot of scotch tape (yes, the gift wrap stuff) and it works good now, for the last three days.

Class has been good, lots of note-taking and memorization. It will be five weeks after this class completes before I get my final grade. (Classes run one week long, and there is only one class per week.)

I’ve been loving my cell phone, thousands of free applications, and I have used the built in GPS quite a bit, Just say aloud where you want to go, and it voice-directs you there. It is pretty amazing.

I received a box today from Grandma Helen- some yummy cookies in it and a birthday card (I don’t care if it’ s late, I’ ll always take money 😉 ) Also received a letter from mom. I will write back, mom! (love you!)

There is about every store you can imagine nearby in this town: Menards, Lowes, Big Lots, Target, KMart, walMart, Kohls, Gordmans, Dollar Tree, Savers, Best Buy, Sears, JCPenney, CVS, Walgreens, Scheels Sports, TJ Maxx, and a bazillion more.  Resturants? KFC, Pizza hut, Little Caesaers, Quiznos, Subway, McDonalds, A&W, Long John Silver’s, Arbys, Wendys, Taco bell, Burger King, and a ton more. I even stopped at Perkins once when I hadn’t had supper, was starving after class, and it was 9pm. I cleaned the plate, believe me!

I will keep you updated as things progress.



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College Activity at the Schevings’

Tonight was an activity for college students and staff at Pastor Scheving’s house. We had a tug of war, egg in spoon race, hide and seek, and a devotion from Pastor Scheving. It was a great time. Praise the Lord!
Classes start tomorrow at 8!

Click on the photos to view larger.


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