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eBay on my driveway

Made this oversized eBay page on my driveway a few days ago.

Finished around 7 in the evening, took pics and videos, it washed off by the rain that evening. 😦

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My book of uncut, perforated $2 bills

Below is the listing for the ebay auction I just sold them wit. Going price was $110 + $8 shipping.

Up for sale is a one-of-a-kind booklet of perforated $2 bills. The booklet contains Eight (8) sheets of four two dollar bills each. This booklet is great for any currency collection, but is also a lot of fun to use for real purchases, as the $2 bill is perfectly legal tender!

There are a total of 32 bills, with a face value alone of $64!

The perforation makes it easy to tear out a bill and hand it to a surprised cashier or waitress. The booklet is bound with a cardstock quality cover and a cardboard back cover.

Look at the images to see close-ups of the location of the perforation.

Happy bidding and good luck!

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Getting good deals on eBay- The sneaky way!

I do quite a bit of buying on ebay. It is often the first place I look to find a good deal. I have known for many years about people using sites to bid in the last few seconds for them, but never really went to that extreme. But now I have. I was looking for a good add on to firefox for ebay when I found one for the site

The program is actually called an “auction sniper” So this add-on adds a little icon in every ebay page that says “snipe this”, and when you do so it has you enter a bid. Six seconds prior to the end of the aution it will put in your bid. By then it is too late for someone to outbid you.

Ebay logoOf course, if other people used ebay the way ebay wanted them to, the program won’t work. Ebay says to put in the highest amount you are willing to pay, and it will automatically bid up to that amount for you. So if your co-bidders put in their max bid, and it is higher than your snipe, than you still won’t get the item. However, a large portion of ebay bidders just bid the minimum bid and hope it will stay. If they get outbid, they may increase their bid. These are the people this program will outsmart.

I have used this for a day so far, and it has been working great for me!

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eBay is fun!

I recently went to eBay to buy some photo paper. While I was waiting for the auction to end, I decided to do a search for everything 50 cents or less with free shipping. Then I bid on several items ending soon. I won eight of them, spending less than two dollars. For less than a quarter each, I got two USB SD card readers, A headphone extension cord, a headphone splitter, and a USB extension cord. Suddenly though, somebody outbid me on my photo paper with six minutes left. So then I bid again with 15 seconds on the clock and won.

I have done these low price bids before, and the interesting thing I have always noticed is that the items often come from Japan, Taiwan, or China. I can understand how that it may be inexpensive to make these products there, but I wonder how 19 cents gives them international shipping and a profit.

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