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Political Ads can be interesting!

A funny ad from the Santorum Campaign

An ad from a “candidate” nobody ever hears about: Fred Karger, a Liberal Gay activist running with a Republican name.

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My favorite politics websites

Looking for the latest polls? Race42012 and realclearpolitcs

Political commentary? Flopping Aces

Want to see how the media is affecting things? Newbusters

Keep an eye on things- the Republican Nomination is getting very interesting!


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The Political Situation: Links

An interesting look at a brokered convention– what happens when none of the Republican candidates get a majority of delegates in the primaries

The Liberal organization Daily Kos is trying to cause a brokered convention by urging democrats to vote for Santorum in the Republican primaries

An Ohio Attorney general withdraws his support of Romney and endorses Santorum

Romney leads in Arizona and Michigan is too close to call between Romney and Santorum

Santorum leads in all 6 of the last National nomination polls


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