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Classics Lake Outing to Maplewood State Park

The Fargo Baptist Church Seniors group, the “Classics”, had an outing to Maplewood State Park. I was invited, and the Smith family came, so as you can expect, I had a great time. Here are pictures and a video also!


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Heather Smith & The Will of God

Three weeks ago today I was in Devil’s Lake, ND. with a group of people handing out literature for Grace Baptist Church. There’s a YouTube video about it here, by Heather Smith. But something else happened on that day. On the way back from Devil’s lake, I was driving in my vehicle with Mr. Smith and a couple of the Smith kids. As we neared Fargo, we got a text from the other vehicle, which Mrs. Smith, Nicole Buck, Heather and two of her siblings were in. They were going to stop for gas before going back to the church. It was at this point that God laid a plan of action in my mind, and I made the decision to talk to Mr Smith when we got to the church. And so when we arrived, I asked to speak with him outside the car, and so I did! Mr. and Mrs. Smith can fill you in on the wording, but I asked Mr. Smith if it was OK for me to work to grow my relationship with Heather beyond friendship, and he agreed! That Monday Heather and I began courting.


We’ve seen God confirm things and direct in our decisions in this time. Isn’t God great? I want to put this post here on my blog, because this is the biggest thing happening in my life, and the most special to me as well. I love Heather and her sweet spirit and heart to serve the Lord. No doubt there will be more pictures and posts to come!


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Fargo Baptist Church Meets in the West Wing

In May of this year, the Sanctuary where the Fargo Baptist Church meets was undergoing some work, as seen below.


As a result, we met in the West wing. It was definitely very full! Here’s a picture:


Praise the Lord we did get back in the sanctuary in time for the Master’s Baptist College Commencement Exercises.

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Full Video: Master’s Baptist College Graduation Ceremony 2015

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Master’s Baptist College Spring 2015 Choir Concert

On May 15, 2015, the Master’s Baptist College Choir presented their Spring Concert. here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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Master’s Students and Fargo Baptist Classics Potluck

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Harvest Sunday – October 26th

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