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Jacob Alexander’s last day of singlehood (aka freedom) May 31, 2013

First pictures are from the Wedding rehearsal, then the rehearsal dinner, and finally going out with the guys to Tuttu Frutti Frozen Yogurt.

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New electronic key system for the dorms

The dorms are getting new electronic key systems, so  yesterday (2/1/13) we all had a meeting to get ours. Apparently a water pipe broke at the same time, so there was some time for the students to have fun while that was being repaired.

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Must Watch Master’s Baptist College Video

A new promotional video for the college. A must see! (I’m in here a few places- see if you can find all of them! Make sure to full screen, like, and comment.


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Photos from class

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Just more painting stuff…

A video and some pictures from painting the barn!
It has just been Jake and I the last few days. Today we also painted another small building on the property, and finished painting Pastor Scheving’s garage.

The video here is at 4000% speed- I think the clouds look very neat in it!


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Got a haircut!

Thank you mom for the 19 years of free haircuts! I just paid $13 for one today. It was getting time, I even had some paint in my hair…

I have been studying pretty hard after the first Bible Survey class on Saturday. There will be a quiz on Monday, and a quiz on Monday’s work Tuesday, and Tuesday’s Wednesday, and so on. I printed up some flashcards to help make things a little easier to memorize.

I have some more painting pictures from Friday, we had fun working on the Barn and some on the garage as well.


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An inside look at a fireworks warehouse

Unloading the semi

Myself, Jake, and Dustin worked 8 1/2 hours at a fireworks warehouse yesterday. Bro. Dean Shearer from Fargo Baptist invited us to come and work unloading and transporting boxes of fireworks. Memory Fireworks is a large multi-store company in North Dakota and Minnesota. This warehouse services nine other stores. First off, we had to rearrange boxes of fireworks in the warehouse. There were several pallets of firework boxes that needed to be combined on pallets in the other side of the warehouse. We worked alongside of Jesse and Jordan Shearer, who told us the way that things should be organized. Jordan also used the pallet loader to move loaded pallets around. Another worker named Norm soon arrived to help as well.

Jesse next to some boxes we unloaded

As soon as that job was finished, we waited for the Semi to arrive. Soon it came, loaded to the brim with boxes of fireworks. First the bolts had to be cut with a bolt cutter, then the doors opened. When the door was opened, there was a large wooden contraption that had to be sawed away to get at the contents. Then was the real work. At first just I was in the truck, handing down boxes. Then there was room for Jesse, then Dustin, and soon Jake too. Norm and Jordan helped by putting certain fireworks boxes on pallets, and Jordan also used the pallet loader to lift pallets up so we could fill them, and then move them away.

We stopped to break at lunch time, delicious pizza, and water never tasted so good either. I also grabbed some green tea with citrus from my car that we had bought for our barn painting job. Soon we were back inside, moving boxes from the semi to the area around us.

This post isn’t over!- click the link below for more pictures, videos, and information!

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It was cold…

Jake the painter

I was glad that I went to Saver’s and got a long sleeve shirt after today. Painting was cold! There was a good breeze today and the temperature was in the 50’s. The nice thing about a long sleeve shirt is you don’t end up being so covered in paint when you’re done. Just Jake and I went painting today, the others had some laundry to do. Jake and I moved the scaffolding and the hay wagon all by ourselves and maneuvered it into another place at the barn. The sunshine came off and on, so we did have relief.

Over all it was another fun day, and we got a lot of painting done!

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More barn painting photos

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Painting a barn

Today Jake, Myself, Sam, and Dustin worked painting Pastor Scheving’s barn. These are my cell phone pictures, so not high quality, but pictures nonetheless!

We will be painting the next several days



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