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Photos from 8/16/2013-8/22/2016


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John Shrock’s amazing testimony – saved out of the Amish

John Shrock attends Master’ Baptist College, and for Guys dorm devotions he told about his Amish background and what led to his salvation. It is a riveting story that everyone should see.


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New Website:

Don’t tell….

Shrock EyesBut John Shrock might just have his own website now! Feel free to tweet with the hashtag #johnshrock to get your message to appear on his home page!

It is a pretty basic site now, but I have a feeling there may be much more content coming soon.

Visit the site:

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New electronic key system for the dorms

The dorms are getting new electronic key systems, so  yesterday (2/1/13) we all had a meeting to get ours. Apparently a water pipe broke at the same time, so there was some time for the students to have fun while that was being repaired.

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Pictures from Finals Night 1/17/2013

Every Thursday Night is finals night for classes that require one, and here was how things were looking tonight.

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