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We Shall Rise – Resurrection Sunday Special at Fargo Baptist Church


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Ministry night at Fargo Baptist Church and Master’s Baptist College

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Are you interested in attending Master’s Baptist College in Fargo, North Dakota?

First off, make sure to watch the MBC video if you haven’t already, then read on to learn more about MBC!


IMG_1662If you’ve looked around on the internet, you have probably already read some about the classes at Master’s. There is a new class each week. Classes begin on Monday and run from 6:00 to 9:30 every evening. On Saturday there is also a Chapel service and ministry time. When I attended, I was in many ministries, print shop, Sunday school, graphic design, compassion ministry, choir, etc., but there is also Bus, nursery, classroom helpers, grading mail-in Bible studies and more.

The classes themselves are enthralling. Some classes have a quiz at the beginning of each day, (Hi there, Bro. Venem!) Others have a requirement to turn in an edited and formatted copy of notes to be graded, Some have essays or term papers. All classes have a requirement to do something to pass, so if you plan on attending, plan to dig in to the word of God and study!

Some of my favorite classes have been “New Evangelicalism”(a class warning about it) with Don Jasmin, the printer of the Fundamentalist digest, “Evangelism” with Evangelist Larry Clayton, a preacher for 50+ years who has helped churches start churches 100+ times. All of Academic Dean Bob Venem’s classes are outstanding, and I feel like I carry away a lot of knowledge, but also good ministry advice and wisdom when I complete the class. Junior year classes I have enjoyed the most were “American Baptist history” and “Comparative Theology”, both taught by Evangelist Ted Alexander. In my Senior year, Deputation and Church Planting with Pastor Austin Wartner was one of my favorites.

Church Involvement

One of the great blessings of Master’s Baptist College is that it is a ministry of the Fargo Baptist Church. Not only does the college teach the importance of ministries being part of a local church, but they practice what they preach by having the College as their own ministry. As outlined above in the classes section, the College does require that each student work in a church ministry. Not only this, there is a requirement that each week the student also go on a visitation ministry, whether it me new residents, bus visitation, follow-up, what have you. There are four required church services a week, and there are lots of other activities to be a part of in the church. Some are just for college students, there are monthly activities for those in the College and Career class, like outdoor fun, or trips to Thunder road. If a student is good at singing, they are encouraged to join the Church Choir, as well as the College Choir, and there are more opportunities to be involved for those who are enthusiastic about being in the will of God! Many students are involved in the addictions ministry, Reformers Unanimous. Other ministries are radio editing, nursing home, bus ministry, print shop, and church housekeeping.


There is really no better deal to be found when it comes to housing than $100 a month. Maranatha was another college I originally looked at, but I had to consider if it was actually wise stewardship to go into debt at the tune of  $17,800 a year for tuition an board! Tuition at Master’s is free, so $900/year isn’t bad at all, nor is the $1200/year that it costs if, like me, you stay in Fargo through the summer.
The “Ministry Training Center” as it is called, is the dorm complex. There are many dorm “pods” with a dining room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. There is also a gym, with a large, second floor walking track that overlooks the gym floor. There is an exercise room, common room, and coffee shop. There are also classrooms, and laundry rooms. The whole things is very sufficient, and at this low cost, there is nothing to lose! Since 2017 there are now two dorm buildings, both very nice, one for men and one for women.

College Life

Not only is college inexpensive here, you can come out of it richer than you went in! While enrolled, I worked a full time (that’s right, 40 hours a week) job, and was still able to have time to study and maintain good grades (and become the valedictorian in 2015!). Since you have the daytime off, you can work a regular shift. When I was in school, my work hours were 7:45-4:45, others worked earlier and some later. Some students work as truck drivers, grocery store workers, self employed, restaurants, call centers, assembly line workers, etc. Fargo has the best job market in the nation, so if you can’t find work at home, come work up here and get a Bible college education while you are at it!


While students are attending MBC, they are expected to live to a set of high standards, both to improve their appearance before a watching community, and to help them to understand how to live under authority- something that will be very useful in any area of ministry. There are dress standards for men and women, required approval and chaperoning for mixed groups going off campus, and also approval for absences from classes or church services.

Students are required to attend all the church services and events, as well as devotions and chapel services, and be on time. Rooms are inspected daily, and the on-campus internet has a filter to remove ungodly content. Certain forms of entertainment are prohibited, such as going to cinemas or theaters, and movies are also prohibited on campus except for certain occasions. There is a required curfew and lights out time in the dormitories as well.

Academic standards require all students to maintain a certain GPA or risk losing the privilege of staying in the dormitories. All classes have multiple requirements that must be met to earn a good grade- none of the classes are passive, and you will never pass a class if you simply show up.

The rules are designed to be practical and preventative. The school does not require the students to obey the rules because each one is their own personal conviction, but instead to obey the rules while a student because of a conviction to be obedient. All the rules are carefully thought out, and make for an organized and godly atmosphere on campus.

Is it for you?

The biggest consideration anyone should make before deciding whether or not they should come to Master’s is whether or not God is leading them to college here. The college is for those who are willing to serve the Lord and surrender their lives to him. This may be as a Pastor, a Missionary, Song leader, Sunday School teacher, Second Man, or someone who works a secular job, but wants to be ready to give an answer when they are asked about the hope that is in them. If you are not willing to serve God with your life, you may want to take a second look at yourself before you decide to attend. If you know that God wants you to attend Bible College, pray, and ask God to show you if Master’s Baptist college is in His plan for your life.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions. Take a look at the other posts on this blog to see what I have been up to since I graduated in 2015. I now am in full-time ministry as a teacher at Master’s, Station Manager of Heaven 88.7 radio (a 100,000 watt FM station), Clerk at Fargo Baptist Church, and the ‘IT Guy’ for Fargo Baptist Church and Master’s Baptist College.

Updated October 2013 with new class times, as well as other information that has changed in the last year.

Updated April 2015 to keep this page relevant and up to date.

Updated January 2019 with new class times, reflecting how I am now a graduate, etc.

Also- if you are worried about “Master’s” having an apostrophe, it is possessive, so the apostrophe does belong there.

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Another update

I have been assigned to the printing ministry here at Fargo Baptist Church. This means I will be helping with the tracts that are printed. Jake and Sam were assigned to the Bus Ministry, and Dustin to the radio ministry.

Tomorrow us four will be going over to the Scheving’s to paint their barn. I bought some used clothes at Saver’s so I could not worry about getting mine messy. I filled up my printer’s continuous ink supply system yesterday so that I could continue to print stuff dirt cheap. I have been printing off stuff for class and it works out very nice. I also went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought a folding chair and table, and set them up in the dorm. It looks very nice, and things seem quite organized now. We are finally getting completely settled in.

This morning, since Jake and Sam are in the bus ministry, they had to be out he door at 8, so Dustin and I cleaned up the dorm, since Bro Schatz said inspections will be on Sunday afternoons. So right now there are clean floors, no dirty dishes, and it all looks nice and clean.

Since the wireless internet still is spotty, Brother Venem gave us all ethernet cables and switches, so I duct-taped one from the port in the kitchen along the floor into the dorm room. It works quite nice, and I don’t have to worry about working 30 minutes to get the wireless working in the morning. It should be working completely in two weeks or so.

I printed off some coupons for our meal and the four of us also went out to Long John Silver’s today. It was a first for two of them. Dustin got a job as a morning stocker at Toy’s R Us, he will be starting Thursday. When I told him about applying at Menards, I was surprised to hear he didn’t know what Menards was. Of course, there are no Menards stores in Maine.


Yes, this post is not very flowing, and a lot of random info, but I hope it keeps you updated.

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Classes have begun

…And Saturday was day #1. First we had orientation for four hours. All kinds of stuff about internet, dress, etc. Very well put, and all good rules. Then at noon we had classes until 5. We had to take notes, which comprise 40% of the grade. So today and yesterday we refined our notes which must be turned in by tomorrow at class. Tomorrow is a labor day picnic and softball game, might attend, but still need to memorize some verses as well. Bought some rechargeable batteries for my camera today.

A few days ago we got our student ID’s as well. The christian book store gives 40% off with a college ID. Several resturants give 10% off. This is a college town.

We will soon find out what our church ministry will be. I will keep you all posted!


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