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Watch White House Press Secretary Jay Carney appreciate everyone’s questions

In other words, refuse to answer them.

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Political Ads can be interesting!

A funny ad from the Santorum Campaign

An ad from a “candidate” nobody ever hears about: Fred Karger, a Liberal Gay activist running with a Republican name.

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My favorite politics websites

Looking for the latest polls? Race42012 and realclearpolitcs

Political commentary? Flopping Aces

Want to see how the media is affecting things? Newbusters

Keep an eye on things- the Republican Nomination is getting very interesting!


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The Political Situation: Links

An interesting look at a brokered convention– what happens when none of the Republican candidates get a majority of delegates in the primaries

The Liberal organization Daily Kos is trying to cause a brokered convention by urging democrats to vote for Santorum in the Republican primaries

An Ohio Attorney general withdraws his support of Romney and endorses Santorum

Romney leads in Arizona and Michigan is too close to call between Romney and Santorum

Santorum leads in all 6 of the last National nomination polls


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2012 Elections: The Iowa Caucuses + My endorsements in the field

Tomorrow Iowa will be in the spotlight, as Iowan Republicans head to the caucuses to determine who they will nominate to be the Republican presidential candidate. The candidates have been switching their positions in the polls quite a bit recently, and we can see some of that in the image below of the most recent polls, averaged by

A couple weeks ago, it looked like it was solidly in Gingrich ‘s court, but then Ron Paul passed him, and now Romney has taken an upward swing as well. Rick Santorum, who has been polling nationally at 3% had a late surge, and is now a contender within the margin of error, but consistently third.

A few last-moment links on the candidates:


My personal opinion of each candidate is as follows:

Santorum: The best candidate in the race, excellent positions and values, but he doesn’t seem to gain very much excitement. Consistently polling low, a Iowa third or second place finish would help to boost his campaign

Bachmann: A solidly conserative candidate, Well informed, but as any prominent female Republican, attacked endlessly by the media and late night TV hosts. Low polling numbers at this point have her out of the race. My second choice

Rick Perry: Good positions on most issues, but would not be overly strong in a debate against Obama, though Obama is not the best debater either. Has baggage that will for sure be used against him of being somewhat connected to George W Bush, as well as being another Texas Governor. My Third Choice

Newt Gingrich: Positions are good, but moral Character is not. He did well with the economy, and an outstanding debater. Would, I believe, defeat Obama if nominated, but has slipped drastically in the polls. Still a good standing in South Carolina, though that could change fast. My fourth choice.

Jon Huntsman:
Some good positions, but has gone completely over to the Global warming crowd and a big evolution proponent. One of the two Mormons running, but neither seem to be very strong in their “faith”- they both hold or have held some non-Mormon positions.  This one is a no.

Mitt Romney:
Liberal in disguise, and the Republicans have bought it! While governor of  Massachusetts , appointed pro-homosexual Judges to courts, and passed government healthcare, both positions that he still hold were right. Also voted pro-choice, a position which he now claims to have switched, but with no real proof to back it up. A staunch no.

Ron Paul: Good intentions to be sure, but many radical positions puts him strongly in my No category. Against abortion, and the best financial policies, but to the LEFT of Obama on The war, for legalizing ALL drugs and prostitution, and not a strong stand on the sanctity of marriage. Plus many other radical positions that would make it impossible for him to win in a general election. Not a true Republican.

We will see what happens, stay tuned, I plan to make more political posts soon!

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I Like Statistics

If you ever were to ask me what my least favourite school subject is, you would always receive the same answer. Math. I never could enjoy math, whether it be multiplying three digit numbers or extracting square roots. However, for some reason I cannot get enough of statistics.

Just looking at this chart makes me happy.

I think it may have started with my interest in politics. During the 2008 elections I would check the latest polls on the Senators and Presidential candidates daily. Even since the daily tracking polls keep my interest. I also liked looking at charts of how global warming is a fraud. I am excited to see information from the 2010 census, now that’s entertainment.

Charts and graphs are two of my choice ways to view statistics. Since I was 10 I have filled notebook after notebook with line charts detailing the rise and fall of non-existent companies (with captivating storyline taking place in my head.) I have made a few programs that generate charts based on data entered in them. I made charts showing who won more games in Uno with my sister Amber, along with average cards left in opponents hand, and number of cards played each game.

When it comes to the internet, I have always liked looking at statistics of websites. I like checking the stats here on my blog, as well as the stats of the Times-Script website. I also like to check out the most visited websites on the internet, and the top browsers by market share.

When it came time for me to get a Christmas gift, there was one book I requested (and loved.) The top 10 of everything. Now as for what I will do with my interest in statistics, I am not sure. Careers in statistics seem to involve an awful lot of math…

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