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Another update

I have been assigned to the printing ministry here at Fargo Baptist Church. This means I will be helping with the tracts that are printed. Jake and Sam were assigned to the Bus Ministry, and Dustin to the radio ministry.

Tomorrow us four will be going over to the Scheving’s to paint their barn. I bought some used clothes at Saver’s so I could not worry about getting mine messy. I filled up my printer’s continuous ink supply system yesterday so that I could continue to print stuff dirt cheap. I have been printing off stuff for class and it works out very nice. I also went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought a folding chair and table, and set them up in the dorm. It looks very nice, and things seem quite organized now. We are finally getting completely settled in.

This morning, since Jake and Sam are in the bus ministry, they had to be out he door at 8, so Dustin and I cleaned up the dorm, since Bro Schatz said inspections will be on Sunday afternoons. So right now there are clean floors, no dirty dishes, and it all looks nice and clean.

Since the wireless internet still is spotty, Brother Venem gave us all ethernet cables and switches, so I duct-taped one from the port in the kitchen along the floor into the dorm room. It works quite nice, and I don’t have to worry about working 30 minutes to get the wireless working in the morning. It should be working completely in two weeks or so.

I printed off some coupons for our meal and the four of us also went out to Long John Silver’s today. It was a first for two of them. Dustin got a job as a morning stocker at Toy’s R Us, he will be starting Thursday. When I told him about applying at Menards, I was surprised to hear he didn’t know what Menards was. Of course, there are no Menards stores in Maine.


Yes, this post is not very flowing, and a lot of random info, but I hope it keeps you updated.

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Yes, paper quality does matter.

With my Times-Script publication being in color and also on two sides of paper, I can’t just go for the first ream that comes my way. Traditional 20lb paper is paper-thin, text printed on one side makes reading anything on the other side very difficult to read. 24lb still is not the best, though it is better.

For the high quality I need, I use 28lb paper. It is good and thick, so not only does it prevent see-through, It also is sturdier and feels better to the hand, making the publication more professional. One thing that must be made sure of, however, is don’t use laser paper!
Now some paper is laser or inkjet, but strictly laser paper does not work in inkjet printers. Either the ink will blob up on the surface and not dry, or it will absorb like paint on a napkin and spread out. Either way it is an unreadable mess.

But yes, paper quality does make a difference

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