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What I have been doing and more…

Every Thursday evening here at MBC we have ministry night, in which we do our assigned ministry. They allowed us to choose the three ministries we wanted to do the most, (out of radio, printing, bus, Sunday School, home Bible Study, IT, and more. Then we will be assigned our ministries based on where we are needed, but hopefully also where we want to be. Until they assign us the ministry, the last two Thursdays everyone has been doing bus visitation.

Also, today I dressed up real nice and dropped of three applications at workplaces where you cannot submit one online. My roommate Dustin had a job interview today and got a job stocking at Toys R Us. His job is from 5-11 in the mornings.

I bought an ottoman that opens up to put stuff inside, and that has made the room seem a little bit bigger. My roommate Jake dropped the iron and broke it, but I used a lot of scotch tape (yes, the gift wrap stuff) and it works good now, for the last three days.

Class has been good, lots of note-taking and memorization. It will be five weeks after this class completes before I get my final grade. (Classes run one week long, and there is only one class per week.)

I’ve been loving my cell phone, thousands of free applications, and I have used the built in GPS quite a bit, Just say aloud where you want to go, and it voice-directs you there. It is pretty amazing.

I received a box today from Grandma Helen- some yummy cookies in it and a birthday card (I don’t care if it’ s late, I’ ll always take money 😉 ) Also received a letter from mom. I will write back, mom! (love you!)

There is about every store you can imagine nearby in this town: Menards, Lowes, Big Lots, Target, KMart, walMart, Kohls, Gordmans, Dollar Tree, Savers, Best Buy, Sears, JCPenney, CVS, Walgreens, Scheels Sports, TJ Maxx, and a bazillion more.  Resturants? KFC, Pizza hut, Little Caesaers, Quiznos, Subway, McDonalds, A&W, Long John Silver’s, Arbys, Wendys, Taco bell, Burger King, and a ton more. I even stopped at Perkins once when I hadn’t had supper, was starving after class, and it was 9pm. I cleaned the plate, believe me!

I will keep you updated as things progress.



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