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I have updated my blog post about the college- a must see for anyone considering attending Master’s Baptist College: Master’s Baptist College

I also updated some parts of my main site: Joshua Lindsey

And updated the website of a wonderful friend: John Shrock

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Since I had been working on the college yearbook for the last couple of weeks, the blog sort of fell to the roadside. Hopefully I have made it all up with the posts this evening.

Also, the website stopped redirecting to my blog at some point, and this has now been fixed.

Enjoy the pictures and videos- more to come shortly!

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New web domain for main site

I snatched up another piece of online real estate- now will take you to my timesscript website as well!


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New website home page

I completely revamped my website with new content and look. Check it out!

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More origami + Website updated

My homepage has been updated with a new look, as well as a origami gallery section. Check it out!


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A new way to get to my blog

The website now redirects to this blog. You can of course still use


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Lots of blog and site changes

So I changed a lot this week. The blog has a new theme, so it looks a little bit different, but the most major change is in my website, It no longer is centered on the “Times Script” magazine, but is instead my homepage on the web. I put the back issues of the Times-Script on one page, a link to my blog on another, plus a media page where I have uploaded all my stop motion videos, previously only found in the “JDL Productions Top Videos 2” DVD. Make sure to take a look around. There will be more soon.

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